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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Layer 3 switch

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Layer 3 switch:

Layer 3 switch also known as multilayer switches and it works on Network Layer in OSI Model. These switches act as a router because it has making routing decision. Layer 3 switch require advanced technology and they are expensive. Layer 3 switches use in large LAN networks. These switches totally based on IP address and stored in the header of IP datagram. Routers use microprocessors to make forwarding decision in software but switch performs only hardware-based packet switching.

Advantages of layer 3 Switches:

  • Layer 3 Switches act as a router because it has IP routing table.
  • Layer 3 switches have fast hardware-based packet forwarding.
  • It’s gives high-performance packet switching and high-speed scalability. 
  • Layer 3 switches Uses low latency and lower per-port cost and manage flow accounting and gives quality of service.

Disadvantages of layer 3 Switches:

  • Layer 3 switches are more expensive than traditional switches.
  • Configuring and VLANs also require additional effort.
  • Layer 3 switch no use for home network or small network.

How to Layer 3 Switches Works:

Layer 3 switch works like a layer 2 switch. Layer 2 switch works on Data Link Layer and it uses MAC address for sending data but layer 3 switch works on Network Layer and it uses IP address for sending data. Layer 3 switches maintain an IP table. When IP address not match in IP table they broadcast a message in the network and update the table.

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