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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

What is Router

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Router is an internetworking device and used to connect two and more different network. Router works on network layer (Layer 3) in OSI model. Router forwards data packets between computer networks. Router decide best and easy route for forwarding the data packets. A data packet be forwarding from one router to another router through the networks and makes an internetwork, until they reached destination.

Router reads only data packets because router works on Network Layer, Network Layer receives data in the form of packets. Router have own Operating System that allows the router to move data packets.
Router create a table that's called routing table. By the help of routing table the router send data packets one router to another router. Router control broadcast traffic in Network, router restrict broadcast to the LAN network. Router acts as the default gateway.

Cisco, Juniper, 3com and HP, Nortel are the most popular companies in routers.

Access Router:

Access routers are used by the small organization and home office. They routers are easily located at computer stores.

Distribution Router:

Distribution routers are used by the ISP and they are also known as ISP router. Distribution routers are responsible for enforcing of service across a wide area network.

Core Routers:

Core routers are used by global ISP’s and they are also known as backbone router. They router optimized for high bandwidth.

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