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Saturday, 27 July 2019

What is the HUB

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An HUB is networking device and we can say network hardware. HUB is used to connecting multiple computer or devices together. HUB has provides multiple input and output ports. HUB is also called Network Hub, Ethernet Hub, Active hub and Repeaters. HUB works on physical layer in OSI model. HUB connected devices share same amount of bandwidth and same collision domain. More nodes leads to transmit or slow performance. HUB no need to configuration. HUBs are available into minimum four ports and up to 24 ports.

Types of HUB:-

Passive Hub
Active Hub
Intelligent Hub

Passive Hub:-

Passive Hub used for just creating connection between computers and other devices. Passive hubs not amplify or regenerate any signals. Passive hubs take all the packets and broadcast them all ports. Passive hubs have RJ-45 port and 10base-2 port. In more advanced passive hubs have AUI (Attachment Unit Interface) port.

Active Hub:-

These types of hub amplify or regenerate the data information and signals. It’s Also known as multiport repeater. Active hubs retime and resynchronize certain packets when they are being transmitted. An active hub provides best performance. Active hubs are expensive.

Intelligent Hub:-

Intelligent Hub can both tasks active and passive. It also works like bridging and routing. That’s hub increase the speed and effectiveness in the network. This types of hub providing network statistics to remote management console. Intelligent hub gives alerts on problems in collisions.

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