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Thursday, 25 July 2019

What is Network

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A network is a collection of computers, printers, routers, switches, and other devices that are able to communicate with each other over some transmission media.

Types of Networks:-

There are mainly four types of networks:
LAN (Local Area Network)
PAN (Personal Area Network)
MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
WAN (Wide Area Network)

LAN (Local Area Network):-

A LAN is a group of computers and network communication devices within a limited geographic area, such as an office building. No third party involvement here.
They are characterized by the following:
      High data transfer speeds
      Generally less expensive technologies
      Limited geographic area

PAN (Personal Area Network):-

A Personal area network used for data transmission between personal devices. PAN connect personal devices like smartphones, tablets and computer.
There are two types of PAN:- 

Wired Personal Area Network:-

A PAN may be wireless or carried over wired interfaces such as USB.
Wireless Personal Area Network:-

Pan connects personal devices by short-distance wireless network like Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wireless USB. 
MAN (Metropolitan Area Network):-

The Metropolitan area network is used to describe a network in a single metropolitan area. This type of network is usually bigger than a LAN and smaller than a WAN. An example of this type of network would be a network that connects two company offices inside the same city.
WAN (Wide Area Network):-

A WAN interconnects LANs.  It is not restricted to a particular geographic area and may be interconnected around the world. Third party network is involved.
They are characterized by the following:
      Multiple interconnected LANs
      Generally more expensive technology
      More sophisticated to implement than LANs
      Exist in an unlimited geographic area
      Less error resistance due to transmission travel distances 

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